To speed up loading of your page, you can use a CDN to store all the files in different servers around the world and serve them faster to your users.


  • Transfer: 0.04 - 0.14 $/GB
  • Free pull (paid push) storage
  • Points of presence: 30+
  • Transfer discounts start from 40TB
  • Minimum usage: $4/month
    (minimum payment is $29)
  • Open KeyCDN


  • Transfer: 0.049 - 0.185 $/GB
  • Free storage (up to 50GB)
  • Points of presence: 32
  • Transfer discounts start from 21TB
  • Minimum recharge: $199
    (valid for 1 year)
  • Open CDN77



  • Free package: 3 page rules
  • $20/month: 20 page rules
  • $200/month: 50 page rules
  • DDoS protection
    (24/7/365 uptime in higher plans)
  • Open Cloudflare

Why should I use a CDN?

Most common benefit is the speed improvement - content of your website is distributed in different Points of Presence around the world. Each time someone visits your website, the CDN will deliver the files from the closest location, making you website load faster. Also, using a CDN can save you some bandwith, as the large files will no longer be served from your servers.

Having a CDN can help you in case of a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial-of-Service). Instead of all the traffic coming to your servers and killing them almost instantly - unless you are prepared for traffic spikes 1000x bigger than the average (in which case, you are probably terribly overpaying for the hosting most of the time 😉), those companies have specialized solutions for defending against a DDoS (a lot more traffic is needed to take them down).