Continuous Integration

With continuous integration tools, you can run automatic checks - like tests, linters and more - each time you push code to a git repository.


  • 1000 build minutes per month for free (is that enough for me?)
  • Additional containers cost $50/month
  • Paid OS X plans to build in an Apple environment
  • 4 Linux containers and OS X plan
    for free for open source projects
  • Supports GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Open CircleCI


  • 100 builds/month for free
  • Paid plans starting from $49/month
  • Codeship Basic plan for
    out-of-the-box workflow
  • Codeship Pro plan for fully customizable Docker boxes
  • Supports GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab
  • Open Codeship


Travis CI

  • Free for open source (public) projects on GitHub
  • Paid plans starting from $69/month
    (first 100 builds are free)
  • Plans for students
  • Only supports GitHub
  • Open Travis


  • Free and open source
  • Self-contained, easy to install Java program that you can host yourself
  • 1000+ plugins
  • Cross-platform
  • Open Jenkins